Who we are

Nice to see you here!

Countdown Celebration is an initiative of Peter Kokkeler. The idea is simply to surprise many people with a (digital) gift together with other entrepreneurs.


Marketing as the key to your success

Over the years it has become clear that marketing is the key to success. Whether it is a neighborhood party, product, service or a company. Basically it is not complex. It is often difficult to apply the right way, the right content and the right budget. However, doing nothing is not an option.


Attention & Standing Out

It all starts with marketing to get attention. This way you get on the radar of your target group. However, it is also important to let people take the next step, so that they also become customers.

You stand out by doing things differently than others. This can be the product, the service and also how you do marketing.


Together you achieve more
Countdown Celebration was created together with other entrepreneurs to make each other stronger and to offer even more to others.




 “I like the impossible.  There, the competition is smaller.”

– Walt Disney –